Overnight Options

tent services

Picture this: you've finished a day's ride and are only thinking about a shower, a beer, and maybe a quick lie down in your tent before the first band. The problem is you still have to set your tent up!


Let Pork Belly Ventures take the stress out of your camping setup with their rental tents PBV will set up and take down a 63-square-foot tent each night of the ride, with your luggage already in the tent. No worrying about finicky tent polls or soggy ground.


Riding with friends or a team? PBV will set your tents up together, so you don't have to worry about finding a spot big enough for all of you.

Not the outdoorsy type? Rent one of Pork Belly Ventures' air-conditioned rooms right on the campsite. Each room is designed to fit up to five riders with mattresses, pillows, and linens included. There are a limited number of these rooms available so get 'em early!


October 9 - Overnight in Clinton

  • TBD

October 10 - First Ride Day / Sedalia, MO

  • TBD

October 11 - Overnight Boonville, MO

  • TBD

October 12 - Overnight Jefferson City, MO

  • TBD

October 13 - Overnight Hermann, MO

  • TBD