Big BAM is Missouri's cross state bike tour and music festival. Over six days of riding you'll experience the stunning hospitality of small towns, gorgeous roads, and incredible live music every night. Join us for the  whole week or just a couple days. However long you ride we promise it will be the adventure of a lifetime.




June 10-16 2017

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The 2017 Route

The Big BAM route is carefully crafted to showcase the beauty of Missouri and the best of small town hospitality.


The Music


Big BAM 2017 kicks off next Saturday, June 10. Here's what you need to know!



Registration & Pre-Ride Shuttle


Big BAM registration opens at 1 pm on Saturday, June 10 at Benner Park in Weston, MO. If you are taking the pre-ride from shuttle from Louisiana on Saturday you will be parking your car at Browns Auto Body in Louisiana, MO.


Pre-Ride Shuttle Parking Address: 620 Kelly Ln, Louisiana, MO 63353


The shuttle will leave at 12:00 pm on Saturday, June, 10 from Louisiana. BAM personnel will be checking in riders who have purchased the pre-ride shuttle onto the charter buses. No ticket is necessary we will check you in with just your name. Your bike will be transported by our logistic partners at Pork Belly Ventures. For those of you who have ridden Big BAM or RAGBRAI before their semi-trailers with a flying pig on them will look familiar. Your bike will be transported assembled and suspended between the floor and ceiling of the trailer.


Here are some tips from Pork Belly for preparing your bike for transport. In the last 2 years of BAM, we have not had any instances of bike damage during transport. These guys are pros!


At any hardware store, you can buy cheap pipe insulation to protect your frame's tubing. Tape it on the main triangle-top tube, down tube, and seat tube, forks, and chainstays. Cover your rear derailleur and other fragile components. Remove the computer or other accessories from your handlebars and frame.


Experience tells us that, in spite of our recommendation and because of limited car space, those of you on the East/West Shuttle will bring unboxed bikes to the end town for transport on our trucks. Consequently, our semis (the big 18-wheeler trailers) will be outfitted to hang unboxed bikes in rows--they're hung by a wheel, with the opposite wheel secured to the truck floor by a bungee cord. STILL, take the above precautions to protect your frame and components. We’ll have space for tandems and recumbents too, but we need to know if you’re expecting us to transport one.


Finally, if you take our advice and use pipe insulation or other packing material, plan to store it either in your hard shell bike case or in your duffel. We can't store it loose on our trucks. All bike boxes should be flattened for weeklong storage.


What to do when you arrive at Big BAM


When arriving at Benner Park in Weston on Saturday, whether by your own vehicle or shuttle,  head over to the Registration tent. If you have your ticket on a phone or on paper BAM staff will scan the code and check you in for the ride. If you lost or forgot your ticket don’t worry, we can look your ticket up by name! Once checked in you’ll receive your wristband for the week as well as your license plate. Please fill out your license plate clearly and attach to your bike at either your seat post or top tube. You will also receive queue sheets and maps for the week’s route. This includes exact turn by turn directions with mileage. We recommend that you download the “Ride with GPS” smartphone application from the Apple app store or Google Play. This will provide you with turn by turn directions along the route. We also recommend that you download the free Big BAM smartphone application for ride updates and to communicate and share memories with the other riders. If you are a Garmin Edge user you can download TCX route files with turn by turn directions from At registration, you’ll also receive your Big BAM swag bag full of goodies and some sweet treats.


After you are all checked in go ahead and grab your gear, and set up camp. Maybe grab a late lunch at one of the food vendors on site. Once you are all set up for the night grab a shuttle into beautiful downtown Weston and swing by the official Big BAM 2017 kickoff at the historic O’Mally’s Pub. Downtown Weston has a variety of bars, restaurants, and shops to explore.


On the morning of the 11th, we will start riding. Big BAM is a tour, not a race so we don’t have an official start or end time. Some riders will opt to leave before sunrise and some will stick around until 9 or so. For those late risers please understand that baggage drop-off ends at 8:00 every morning so make sure not to miss the truck otherwise it's going to be a heavy ride that day. We will have an official start line setup that morning to take a “before” photo.


Once on the road please follow all road safety rules as well as the practices outlined in our safety guide on





Once you arrive at the overnight stop and retrieve your bags from the bag drop feel free to put up camp anywhere you like. Most riders prefer to set up camp in areas that provide some afternoon shade.



On the route


 All turns on the route will be marked with 4 route arrows placed on the road. There will be 2 arrows leading up to the turn and 2 arrows after the turn. Additional signage to alert motorists and long stretches of road will be placed. Routes into and out of towns will be signed with route arrows as well as signage and volunteers provided by the overnight towns.


Water stops will be placed every 10-12 miles along the route and will be clearly marked. Water stops will also serve as SAG pick up stops if you need a break or a lift to the next overnight stop. If you need to call for a SAG pickup the number will be in the Big BAM app and in your registration packet you received at the beginning of the ride.


As you make your way through the route make sure to stop and enjoy the scenery and have a bite to eat or a drink in some of the small towns along the way.


When you arrive in Kearney for the second night's camp head to the designated bag drop off, it will be by the big truck with a pig on it, and pick up your gear. Find a place to set up camp and take a shower in the shower trailer or grab a beer from the beer tent and some food from one of the local vendors set up at the event site. Shuttles will be running into downtown Kearney to explore this unique little town. Make sure to head back to camp by 7 so you don’t miss that night’s music. Every night on BAM features two local Missouri musicians who will play until around 10 every night.


The next day pack your gear up, drop it off at the truck and start riding! Ride, camp, repeat! That’s pretty much how it works for the next 6 days as we wind our way through beautiful roads and charming small towns.


Campsite Locations


Weston: Benner Park, Weston Missouri


Kearney: Kearney Amphitheater, North, 3001 MO-33, Kearney, MO 64060


Lexington: 1401 Main Street Lexington, MO 64067


Marshall: 610 E Morrow St, Marshall, MO 65340


Moberly: 112 Rothwell Park Rd, Moberly MO 65270


Mark Twain Lake: 21629 State Highway J, Perry, MO 63462


Louisiana: 198 S Main St., Louisiana, MO 63353



Music Schedule


Saturday June 10 - Live music at the Big BAM kickoff party at the historic O’Mally’s Pub


Sunday June 11 in Kearney - The Meanwells, The Nace Brothers


Monday June 12 in Lexington - Johnny Fox, Austin Jones and the Bootheel Boys


Tuesday June 13 in Marshall - The Flood Brothers, Dave & Dyno and the Roadkill Orchestra


Wednesday June 14 in Moberly - TBD, Two-Bit Steve


Thursday June 15 at Mark Twain Lake - Rose Ride, The Kay Brothers


Friday June 16 in Louisiana - Two Cities One World, Al Holiday and Eastside Rhythm Band


Packing List


Spending Money


If you’re wondering how much cash you’ll need, we suggest around $40 per day on average, give or take, depending on your habits/needs. You’ll eat and drink more than usual. If you like to have cash on hand for other then adjust accordingly. Some food vendors will not be set up to accept credit cards. ATM machines are available in most convenience stores and grocery stores. Banks are usually open during business hours M-F and on Saturday mornings.




• Daily sets of lycra shorts, jerseys, and socks, plus one or two sets of long sleeves and/or tights for cool mornings

• Shoes, gloves, helmet, sunglasses

• Two water bottles, patch kit/tubes/tools, flashing safety light, frame-fit pump or CO2 cartridges

• Rain gear, or just a hooded rain jacket

• Your preferred anti-chafing balm, cream, or powder

• Plastic bag to contain the sweaty, dirty laundry. Many towns will have Laundromats


Afternoons/Evenings in Camp:


• Shorts, t-shirts, undies, plus a sweatshirt and pants for a cool evening

• Comfortable shoes or sandals, maybe socks

• A hat to limit exposure of your face to the sun

• Maybe a fanny pack or small backpack for exploring the towns


Your Shower and Comfort:


• PBV Showers have shampoo dispensers and liquid soap—unless you want your brand.

• Antibacterial soap, highly recommended

• PBV Showers include one towel. Small price for a second towel. You may still want a hand towel or Sham-Wow in your tent.

• PBV Showers include a vanity area with mirrors, electrical outlets, and probably a couple of hair dryers.

• Toothbrush, toothpaste, skin lotion, deodorant, razor, other toiletries

• Sample sized antibacterial hand-wash, and lots of it

• Wipes—baby wipes, hand wipes, face-cleansing wipes, very handy and refreshing

•    Disposable washcloths, optional

• All portable toilets at the campsites will be stocked with toilet paper but it doesn’t hurt bring some along just in case!




• Sleeping bag, Thermarest pad, small pillow, tent, ground cloth, rain fly, stakes

• Occupants of rental tents still bring a sleeping bag, sleeping pad, and pillow.

• Flashlight and/or hanging light for tent and/or miner’s headlight to free your hands

• Battery-operated fan

• Insect repellent: bugs are not a big problem, but the wipes don’t take much space and they don’t choke people around you like a spray does.

• Earplugs and/or an eye-mask to shut out sound and light




• Identification, cash, one credit card, ATM card, a small wallet to carry on your person

• Sunscreen for skin and lips, your prescription meds, ibuprofen.

• A fistful ofzip lock bags

• Cell phone and charger for an electrical outlet (not the cigarette-lighter kind). Pork belly provides a charging trailer. Please bring a small combination or luggage lock to secure the cubby your cell phone is charged in.


Other Optional Items:


• A bathing suit (Moberly is opening up their waterpark for BAM riders and Mark Twain Lake has some great beaches!)

• A collapsible camp stool if it fits inside your bag (PBV has plastic chairs)

• Camera, Garmin, iPod, other small electronics to carry with you on bike (not to be packed in duffel)

• A flat twin-sized sheet if the sleeping bag is too hot one night

• Reading glasses

• A few clothespins for hanging a damp item in the sun

• Light tarp to cover bike at night or plastic bag to cover saddle at night

• Sample sizes of Pepto Bismol and Benadryl, just in case

• Some of your favorite energy snacks or power bars

• Sham-Wow or hand towel


Leave at home:


• Laptops, Kindles, IPads, and other precious or fragile electronics

• Expensive jewelry

• Anything you treasure


Select Tips from Our Veterans:

• For a wallet, use a clear plastic name badge on a lanyard around your neck.

• Pack each day's shorts, jersey, and socks in a ziplock; pack a $20-bill in each jersey.

• Take bike shoes you can walk in. You’ll do some walking in the pass-through towns.

• Bring one pair of sweatpants. On a cool evening, they’ll feel mighty good.

• Use a toiletry bag that hangs. L.L. Bean makes one. Also, a ball cap with a lighted bill.

• Hit the sample section of the drug store for mini-bottles of stuff that feels and smells good.

• Think about what you need to help you get the best sleep possible: ear plugs, eye mask, iPod with favorite sleepy tunes, recordings of ocean waves, your favorite pillow, a sleep aid, a battery-operated fan, an ice bag, whatever works best.



Mark your bags so you can spot them! When it rains, the bags are stacked up and covered with tarps. If you put a piece of pink yarn on the handle, you’ll never see it. Spray-painted pink polka dots all over it will help you spot it, even if it’s partly covered up.


501 High Street

Ste A.

Boonville, MO


Missouri's only cross state bike tour and music festival.

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