Refund Policy

The ride is a rain or shine event. Big BAM Staff must receive requests to cancel your ride via email 45 days prior to the ride. You can contact us by email at
Please note that we will apply a $50 processing fee for all registration refunds before the event. 

If for any reason, you must cancel within 45 days of the event,  we will offer you the opportunity to roll over to the next year’s ride or to transfer it to another rider in the current year or the next year at no charge and with no fees. Just email us to let us know whom you are allowing to use your registration or to get a special roll-over registration code. If transferring, include their email address so that we may contact them. Registrations that have been rolled over are not eligible for refunds. To rollover or transfer, please send an email to

This deadline does NOT apply to shuttle refunds or merchandise. If you ordered merchandise such as a jersey, it will be sent to you.
We encourage you to consider purchasing “Travel Cancellation” insurance. Make sure your policy covers registration fees, as well as flights or other expenses prior to the event.  

“It is important to note that, while some travel credit cards offer mild insurance coverage it is often not comprehensive. If you lose your luggage, get stranded due to airline problems, or need to travel for family medical emergencies, you may be covered. However, it is very rare, if not impossible, to find a travel credit card that offers medical coverage in any capacity. If you’re looking for travel insurance, it is suggested you look elsewhere for a more comprehensive plan.”


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