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Big BAM on the Katy is a fully supported ride. That means there's hot coffee for you in the morning, water stops with cold water and sports drinks, and snacks along the route, SAG support if you need a lift, beer gardens, music, hotel or camping with hot showers, plus a variety of food vendors. All of that is included in your registration.


tent services

Big BAM arranges with a concierge tent service that will take the stress out of your camping setup with their rental tents. They will set up and take down a 63-square-foot tent each night of the ride, and they’ll place your luggage in the tent. All you have to do is find it.  No worrying about tent poles or dragging your luggage to the tent.

Riding with friends or a team? Your tents will be set up together, so you don't have to worry about finding a spot to accommodate all of you.

Live large in a little PHAT Room, and you only unpack once on BBK! What's Included:

  • Knotty pine interiors, laminate flooring. Mattresses, linens, blankets, and pillows provided. Outlets next to your bed. Switched lights at the head of each bed, and fans to circulate the air and provide white noise.


Interested in PHAT Room? Email


Hotel Option

Stay in a nice, clean hotel every night for four nights beginning on June 5, staying at these overnight towns: Sedalia, Boonville, Jefferson City and Hermann. You may add a night’s stay for June 4 or June 9 if you are adding the optional 6th day of the ride from Augusta to Machens. Your hotel on June 4 would be in Clinton, where the ride begins on June 5. For June 9 your hotel will be in St. Charles or Augusta depending on availability. 

Food & Drink

All food is on your own, but for breakfast for campers and hotel guests who wish for something different, Big BAM will provide lists of nearby restaurants, a food truck, or a caterer. For lunches and dinners, you will also have a list of restaurant possibilities in towns we pass through and our overnight towns.

Food & Drink


Safety is our biggest priority at Big BAM and staying safe means staying hydrated. Riders should be prepared and have a way to carry two of their own water bottles and top off at every trailhead.

Big BAM has always arranged a beer sponsor who provides a cold one to relax with at the end of your ride.

Showers & Luxury Services

Big BAM works with Pork Belly Venture, the biggest RAGBRAI charter service to provide a super-clean shower truck, cleaned between every shower. A clean towel is provided daily, so no need to pack one. The truck also provides shampoo and soap, and plenty of hot water.


  • Showers include soap, shampoo, a towel, and plenty of hot water.

  • Phone charging trailer

  • Canopy-covered seating area

  • Morning coffee

  • Massages

Rider Safety

Rider safety is our biggest priority. We have taken every precaution to make this ride of a lifetime as safe as possible for riders, performers, and our crew.


  • Riders must follow Missouri laws while on public roads.

  • The highway patrol or other law enforcement may write tickets if you ride illegally, and your bikes may be impounded. If your bikes are impounded, you may need proof of ownership to recover them.

  • Be mindful of traffic coming from adjacent gravel roads because drivers may have difficulty seeing you. Even when you have the right-of-way, be aware that you might not be seen.

  • When making a left turn, watch not only for oncoming traffic but also for traffic from behind that might be attempting to pass you. Use all proper hand signals when turning right or left or slowing or stopping.

  • Ride to the right side of your lane.

  • Make sure you carry water and have the right equipment and gear for a long, summertime ride.

  • Carry a personal ID with you at all times.

  • Retrieve your luggage by 8:00 pm every night. If any bags are not spoken for, we will alert safety personnel.

  • Use reflective tape or lights on your bike, and on bags that might cover up your built-on bike reflectors. On-road rides, we recommend using a headlamp and flashing tail light.

  • Please ask the Big BAM crew members or local volunteers if you have any questions–they will be wearing crew shirts.

  • Do not count on cell service all along the route. There may be gaps in coverage.

  • Stay along the designated route to ensure safety.

  • Unlawful or disruptive behavior along the route or in the communities we are visiting will be reported.

  • Ride in groups and have a “buddy system” in place.

  • Beer garden operators reserve the right to refuse service to any riders they believe are unfit to bicycle.

  • Use a flashing rear light in rainy or dark conditions

  • Retrieve your luggage by 8:00 pm every night. If any bags are not spoken for, we will alert safety personnel. On the last day of the official ride or add-on days, claim your luggage by 5 pm. If for any reason that’s not possible, simply call the SAG number provided, and we’ll come and get you.



SAG vehicles
  • Each day there will be a lead vehicle and an end/support vehicle and other support vehicles in between. They will be able to help riders with basic bicycle repair, basic first aid, and transport to the next town or night stop if needed. Please call or text SAG if you need any help.

Non-Cyclists Participating In The Event
  • Supporters and private support vehicles are asked to take a different route than the cyclists.

Emergency Shelters
  • Each community will have a designated shelter in case of emergencies.


What to do if caught in the open outdoors during a tornado
  • Find shelter in the nearest sturdy building.

  • Do not try to outrun a tornado.

  • Avoid areas with a lot of trees.

  • Stay away from overpasses or bridges.

  •  The safest place to be is in a flat location near the ground.

  • Lie down in the lowest place you can find – typically a ditch is the best option. Lie flat, with your face towards the ground and cover your head with your arms.

  • Avoid power lines and puddles with power lines nearby, or down power lines.

  • Keep your group together and wait for emergency personnel to arrive if needed.

  • Remain calm and listen for instructions from emergency personnel if they are on the scene.

What to do if caught in the open during a thunderstorm
  • If you hear thunder, find the closest shelter. If none is in sight, get to the lowest elevation available.

  • Avoid puddles and being close to water.

  • Do not get close to isolated structures such as trees, fences, and telephone poles.

  • Put distance between your metal bike and yourself.

  • If you are with many people, spread out! Keep a distance of at least 50-100 feet between each person.

  • Get in the “lightning crouch” position. Assume a squatting position, with your head tucked towards your chest or in between your knees. Do not lie down on the ground, as this is more surface area for lightning to strike.

  • Keep your eyes closed and cover your ears

Rider Safety

Shuttle information

Pre- and post-ride shuttle passes are $149. Riders can either park at the end location or the start location of the ride, depending on preference. Long-term parking will be available in both the beginning and ending towns. Long-term parking is included in the shuttle fee.

The shuttle can transport bikes up to 60 pounds being transported on the shuttles. We can take up to two 40-pound bags (including tents) per person.

Pre-ride Shuttle from St. Charles to Clinton

The pre-ride shuttle will begin loading at 11 a.m. and depart at 12:30 p.m. We'll let you know where to load and board and park. Times may change closer to the date.

Post-ride Shuttle from St. Charles to Clinton

The post-ride shuttle will depart at 3 p.m. Shuttles will take riders to their cars at the Clinton Fairgrounds and Benson Center. Times may change closer to the date.

Shuttle Information


If you're feeling tired, running low on water, or you have a mechanical issue preventing you from riding further, we've got you covered. 

Our SAG support is included in your registration fee. They will be posted at water stops throughout the day waiting to shuttle you into camp, and if you're along the route and need a ride, they'll come and pick you up!

Our SAG support is included in your registration fee. 


You will be given a SAG support phone number, and they monitor the road route and appear at trailheads along the way on the KATY. On the KATY, you will be followed by a mechanic, but you may have to wait and/or roll your bike to a trailhead as no vehicular traffic is allowed on the Katy Trail.

SAG Support
The ride officially ends at 5 p.m. at the St. Charles Katy Trail Head. Claim your luggage before then, or it will be placed on a shuttle and you will have to reclaim it at our offices or pay for shipping it later. Post-shuttle leaves St. Charles at 3 p.m. If you’re concerned about making it to the final destination in time, please call the SAG driver (number will be provided), and they’ll be happy to get you there. Times may change closer to the date.
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