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Sadly, Big BAM on the Katy 2019 has been cancelled. Because of the flooding that took place earlier this year, large swaths of the trail have to be repaired, and the state does not expect to have those repairs finished in time for our October ride.

Despite having to cancel this fall, Big BAM on the Katy will be back and better than ever in October 2020! Watch this space for more details.



• Early Bird: $280

• Standard: $320

Day Passes

• 1-Day: $60

• 3-Day: $180


• Shuttle Service: $129

• Jersey: $75
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Katy Trail Fast Facts:

  • The Katy Trail is a trail surfaced with ground limestone. The surface is very fine and does not contain large, loose rocks. You do not need special tires for this ride.

  • Because the Katy Trail was once a rail line, it contains no steep grades. While there is noticeable elevation change, you won't encounter any steep hills.

  • The Rock Island connector to Pleasant Hill intersects the Katy Trail at Windsor. It's part of the former Rock Island Line which could become another Rails-to-Trails state Park soon!

  • Katy Trail State Park formally opened in 1999

  • This ride passes through lots of charming small towns, by wineries, cafes, and some of Missouri's most picturesque scenery.

Shuttle Info:

Information for our 2020 ride will be posted here soon!