October 9-14, 2022

Big BAM is a fully supported ride. That means there's hot coffee for you in the morning; water stops with cold water, sports drinks, and snacks along the route; SAG support if you need a lift; gear/luggage transport; and hot showers in camp.



Oct. 10: Day 1 Clinton to Sedalia 36 miles

Oct. 11: Day 2 Sedalia to Boonville 36 miles

Oct. 12: Day 3 Boonville to Jefferson City 48 miles

Oct. 13: Day 4 Jefferson City to Hermann 44 miles

Oct. 14: Day 5 Hermann to Augusta 37 miles







Day Passes

• 1-Day: $75

• 3-Day: $225


• Shuttle Service: $129

• Jersey: $75
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Safety on Big BAM on the Katy

Safety on Big BAM on the Katy

Nowadays, outdoor events are the way to go. Here's a brief summary of the steps we're taking to make Big BAM on the Katy healthy and safe. Pork Belly Ventures, a longtime RAGBRAI charter service, is providing our shower service and gear transport as well as tent concierge services and rooms in their motel trailer.

Distancing for Tent Campers
On our spacious campsites, tents will be placed further from each other than usual to allow campers to come and go while maintaining a safe distance.

Excellent ventilation, frequent cleaning, and leaving some stalls unused will ensure our shower trailers are safe and healthy environments. (Pork Belly Ventures shower trailers are equipped for ventilation and each stall is sanitized and cleaned after each shower by their crew!)

Lots of Cleaning
We'll be using the recommended ratio of bleach to water and cleaning all commonly used equipment frequently.

Kybos and Hand-Sanitizing
Kybo door handles and sanitizer dispensers will be among the frequently cleaned surfaces. We're building more hand sanitizing stations as we speak. Sinks attached to our shower trailers allow for hand-washing as well.

Scattered Social Areas
Fortunately, we own a lot of pop-up tents and shade canopies, so that we can create scattered social zones across our campsites, rather than a single large social area.

Ride Participants and Ride Organizers Working Together
We appreciate all riders doing their part to make this a safe and healthy event. 

Shuttle Information

Pre- and post-ride shuttle passes are $129. Riders can either park at the end location or the start location of the ride, depending on preference. Long-term parking will be available in both Defiance and Clinton. Long-term parking is included in the shuttle fee.

Pre-ride Shuttle from Augusta to Clinton

Pre-ride shuttle will depart from Defiance on October 9 at noon from Katy Bike Rental.

Post-ride Shuttle from Augusta to Clinton

Post-ride shuttle will depart from Defiance on October 15 for Clinton at 3 p.m. from Katy Bike Rental.

In addition, Enterprise Rental Car will deliver a rental to Defiance on October 15 for those who want to drive alone (or if you need to drive to catch a flight). Just call Enterprise and book.


Katy Trail Fast Facts:

  • The Katy Trail is a trail surfaced with ground limestone. The surface is very fine and does not contain large, loose rocks. You do not need special tires for this ride.

  • Because the Katy Trail was once a rail line, it contains no steep grades. While there is noticeable elevation change, you won't encounter any steep hills.

  • The Rock Island connector to Pleasant Hill intersects the Katy Trail at Windsor. It's part of the former Rock Island Line which could become another Rails-to-Trails state Park soon!

  • Katy Trail State Park formally opened in 1999

  • This ride passes through lots of charming small towns, by wineries, cafes, and some of Missouri's most picturesque scenery.

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