rider guide

Whether this is your first ride or your 10th the Big BAM rider guide is your one stop shop for information about the ride. From luxury tent services from our friends at Pork Belly Ventures to safety tips, you can find what you need to know here. 

One thing you should know up front: Big BAM is a fully supported ride. That means there's hot coffee for you in the morning, water stops with cold water, sports drinks, and snacks along the route, SAG support if you need a lift, beer gardens, live bands, and hot showers in camp, plus a variety of food vendors. All of that is included in your registration.


tent services

Picture this: you've finished a days ride and are only thinking about a shower, a beer, and maybe a quick lie down in your tent before the first band. The problem is you still have to set your tent up!


Let Pork Belly Ventures take the stress out of your camping setup with their rental tents PBV will set up and take down a 63 square-foot tent each night of the ride, with your luggage already in the tent. No worrying about finicky tent polls or soggy ground.


Riding with friends or a team? PBV will set your tents up together, so you don't have to worry about finding a spot big enough for all of you.

Not the outdoorsy type? Rent one of Pork Belly Ventures air conditioned rooms right in the campsite. Each room is designed to fit up to five riders with mattresses, pillows, and linens included. There are a limited number of these rooms available so get 'em early!

Big BAM will have a variety of vendors to serve every taste.  Feel like taking in the local flavor? Each overnight town has numerous restaurants for you to try.

food & drink


Safety is our biggest priority at Big BAM, and staying safe means staying hydrated. Along each leg of the route we'll have water stops set up for riders to stop, refill, refuel, and relax. We'll provide cold drinking water, sports drinks, and snacks at no charge. Plus, our food and beer vendors may set up at water stops from time to time as well. In addition, we'll ride through small communities each day, many of which will have local restaurants to sample.

Big BAM is proud to be serving a variety of domestic and craft beers throughout the ride. Stop for a cold beer and relax after a long day of riding with a beer from the craft beer tent at every venue.

showers & luxury services

As always at Big BAM, the crew of Pork Belly Ventures will be happy to provide a number of comforts and conveniences for all registered riders in each overnight town. 

  • Free showers

    • Includes soap, shampoo, towel, and plenty of hot water!​

  • Phone charging trailer

  • Canopy-covered seating are

  • Coffee

  • Massages


The Pork Belly crew will also be serving the ride in other ways—transporting bikes and loading bags—as partners of Big BAM.


Rider Safety

Rider safety is our biggest priority. We have taken every precaution to make this ride of a lifetime as safe as possible for riders, performers, and our crew.

  • Riders must follow Missouri laws while on public roads.

  • The highway patrol or other law enforcement may write tickets if you ride illegally, and your bikes may be impounded. If your bikes are impounded, you may need proof of ownership to recover them.

  • Be mindful of traffic coming from adjacent gravel roads because drivers may have difficulty seeing you. Even when you have the right-of-way, be aware that you might not be seen.

  • When making a left turn, watch not only for oncoming traffic but also for traffic from behind that might be attempting to pass you. Use all proper hand signals when turning right or left or slowing or stopping.

  • Ride to the right side of your lane.

  • Make sure you carry water and have the right equipment and gear for a long, summertime ride.

  • Carry a personal ID with you at all times.

  • Retrieve your luggage by 8:00 pm every night. If any bags are not spoken for, we will alert safety personnel.

  • Use reflective tape or lights on your bike, and on bags that might cover up your built-on bike reflectors.

  • You may seek basic first aid at rest stops.

  • Please ask the Big BAM crew members or local volunteers if you have any questions–they will be wearing safety vests.

  • Do not count on cell service all along the route. There may be gaps in coverage.

  • Stay along the designated route to ensure safety.

  • Unlawful or disruptive behavior along the route or in the communities we are visiting will be reported.

  • Ride in groups and have a “buddy system” in place.

  • Beer garden operators reserve the right to refuse service to any riders they believe are unfit to bicycle.

  • Use a flashing rear light in rainy or dark conditions



SAG vehicles
  • Each day there will be a lead vehicle and an end/support vehicle and other support vehicles in between. They will be able to help riders with basic bicycle repair, basic first aid, and transport to the next town or night stop if needed.

Non-Cyclists Participating In The Event
  • Supporters and private support vehicles are asked to take a different route than the cyclists.

Emergency Shelters
  • Each community will have a designated shelter in case of emergencies.


What to do if caught in the open outdoors during a tornado
  • Find shelter in the nearest sturdy building.

  • Do not try to outrun a tornado.

  • Avoid areas with a lot of trees.

  • Stay away from overpasses or bridges.

  •  The safest place to be is in a flat location near the ground.

  • Lie down in the lowest place you can find – typically a ditch is the best option. Lie flat, with your face towards the ground and cover your head with your arms.

  • Avoid power lines and puddles with power lines nearby, or down power lines.

  • Keep your group together and wait for emergency personnel to arrive if needed.

  • Remain calm and listen for instructions from emergency personnel if they are on the scene.

What to do if caught in the open during a thunder storm
  • If you hear thunder, find the closest shelter. If none is in sight, get to the lowest elevation available.

  • Avoid puddles and being close to water.

  • Do not get close to an isolated structures such as trees, fences, and telephone poles.

  • Put distance between your metal bike and yourself.

  • If you are with many people, spread out! Keep a distance of at least 50-100 feet between each person.

  • Get in the “lightning crouch” position. Assume a squatting position, with your head tucked towards your chest or in between your knees. Do not lie down on the ground, as this is more surface area for lightning to strike.

  • Keep your eyes closed and cover your ears



I purchased tickets for the ride. What do I do now?

Watch your emails! We will email details as we get closer to Big BAM and updates will be on the website and app. If you are not receiving emails let us know by emailing us at info@bigbamride.com.

Who do I contact with questions or updates about my tickets?

We are happy to help answer or resolve any problems that you might have! Please email us at info@bigbamride.com and we would be happy to help you out!

Where do I park my car during the ride?

Long term parking will be available at the start and finish of the ride and will be located near the pre and post ride shuttles. Make sure to look out for emails and facebook updates about long term parking details.

Is there a shuttle service before and after the ride?

Yes. An optional shuttle service will be available for purchase.

Who will be leading the ride?

Whoever wants to be the first person to leave registration will be the leader! Each day there will be a suggested departure time. Big BAM will provide SAG and safety support from 6 am to 7 pm each day. We encourage you to stop often and enjoy the adventure. The people at the back have as good, if not better time, than those who race to the finish. They’ve explored the towns, enjoyed every concert along the way, and taken lots of pictures of the beautiful countryside.

Is it happening rain or shine?

Rain or shine, the show will go on! But, of course, we’ll alert you to any safety concerns the weather may bring.

Are campfires allowed at the overnight campsites?

No campfires will be allowed at the designated overnight locations.

Where will we be camping?

Each overnight host town will have a designated camping area. These areas may be city parks, or school grounds or fairgrounds.

Will there be showers available?

Yes. Your ride ticket includes unlimited showers and towels every day of the ride.

Where can I purchase food/beverages on the bike ride?

There will be food and beverage vendors at all of the designated stops along the route. These will include food tents, trucks, and local restaurants. Each of the overnight towns will host a beer garden for riders. Please bring cash for vendors on the ride but don’t forget all the establishments you’ll want to patronize along the way!

How many bags can I bring on the transport service?

We kindly request that you limit the number of bags that you bring on the event. Large tents are allowed but please don't exhaust our transport crew by bringing overly large and heavy items.

Will there be a SAG service in case we can't complete the bike ride?

We will have an emergency transport service for riders that will be traveling the route throughout the day. Riders who need a ride will need to keep an eye out for the SAG wagon and will be able to catch a ride to the overnight town. If you are unable to ride a certain day you will need to take the SAG wagon from the starting location and will be transported to the next overnight town as soon as the shuttle fills up. Please be aware that using the SAG wagon may involve long waits and not proceed directly to the overnight town. If it is not full, it may spend time waiting at each town stop along the way before it sets out on the next leg of the journey. Enjoy the towns and concerts along the way.

Can I have my own personal SAG follow the ride?

You bet. If you have your own SAG coming along we will provide a permit and safety guide.


If you're feeling tired, running low on water, or you have a mechanical issue preventing you from riding further, we've got you covered. 

Our SAG support is included in your registration fee. They will be posted at water stops throughout the day waiting to shuttle you into camp, and if you're along the route and need a ride, they'll come and pick you up!


Our SAG support is managed by Katy Bike Rental. Their shuttles & bicycle trailers (as seen above) will be ready and waiting to shuttle you into camp!