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Meet the Lineup: The Kay Brothers

After our first day of riding from Joplin to Willard, we'll kick off our shoes and unwind with help from one of the most fun and talented bands in the Show-Me State (or anywhere): The Kay Brothers.

Here's their story:

After many-a yarn spun at Thanksgiving dinner over the years, two brothers finally decide to form a band together and salute the music traditional to their home: The Ozarks. With no real notion of what that "was," a banjo and upright bass were procured and the two dove into the rabbit hole of traditional Old-Time Appalachian music and, much like the music's pioneers, made it work with the minimal knowledge and equipment they had.

Joined by Molly Healey and Roger Netherton on fiddles as well as "Shakin' Jake" Allen on percussion, the group boasts 4-part vocals, upright bass, guitar, banjo, washboard, congas, shakers, fiddle, harmonica, kazoo, cello, and an array of foot percussion. The mission: to preserve the rural music of our forefathers and mothers that used to fill the wooden barns that once dotted countryside on Saturday night and the small family churches on Sunday morning.

That party is still going on.... it's in your blood.

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