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BIG News: We're Capping the Ride

Big BAM is officially capped at 700 riders
Why cap the ride?

One of the things we hear a lot from our repeat riders is that Big BAM feels like RAGBRAI in its early days. Given the respect we have for what is unquestionably the godfather of organized group rides, we consider that a massive compliment. In our 5th year of Big BAM we find ourselves at a crossroads. We've had anywhere between 450-600 riders attend in past years and we feel the ride could keep growing substantially. But we don't want the spirit of the ride to be lost for the sake of growth. We want a great experience for everyone—one that doesn't involve massive lines for food and beer in camp—and we feel comfortable with the number 700.

As you may already know, Big BAM's small-but-scrappy cousin Big BAM on the Katy Trail has a built-in maximum of 500 riders due to State Park regulations. Please let us know if you have questions or concerns about this decision. Registration for Big BAM and Big BAM on the Katy are selling quickly right now, so we advise acting fast if you plan to ride.

Early bird pricing for Big BAM 2019 ends on March 31! Early bird for Big BAM on the Katy ends April 5.

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