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Big Changes Coming to Big BAM!

We at Big BAM proudly carry forward our traditions of glorious countrysides, friendly towns, nightly concerts, and yes, a bit of libation, but we're also announcing some pretty big changes. Just look at all the improvements for Big BAM 2020, thanks in part to our expanded partnership with Pork Belly Ventures:

Making Your Favorite Missouri Ride Even Better...


  • NEW: Informative emails and blog posts, like this one, at intervals throughout the season. Between now and June 1, we'll keep you updated and excited about your upcoming tour!

  • NEW: Customer Service from Pork Belly Ventures. We've already been working with PBV, a longtime RAGBRAI charter, on logistical aspects of our tour, and now we're partnering with them to make sure that your questions are asked and answered promptly by email or by phone.

  • NEW: FREE JERSEY for early registrants! The Big BAM 2020 jersey is included in your registration fee IF you register by November 27. We're designing a fun and original jersey just for this ride!

  • NEW: Buddy Discount: You’ll get $30 off your registration by referring another rider. Just send your referral code to a friend and you both get the discount when he/she signs up!

  • IMPROVED: Route-Marking and Intersection-Marking. We're going to make wayfinding a no-brainer for our riders, leaving you free to soak in the experience!

  • IMPROVED: Placement of Portatoilets on the map and the route. When you gotta go, you'll know where to find them!

  • IMPROVED: We're increasing our Mechanical Service and SAG Support this year!

  • IMPROVED: Massage Therapy Available to Riders Licensed therapists will rub away the muscle ache and get you ready to roll again.

  • IMPROVED: EATS! Details later in the season, but suffice it to say that making even more delicious and nutritious food available to hungry riders is our priority.

  • NEW: Shorter Cycling Option on Day 5--You choose your mileage on the final day, depending on your schedule and how you feel.

  • NEW: E-Bike Charging.... Welcome, E-Bikers! We have a charging station that will keep you going!

PLUS Everything You Already Love About Big BAM...Scenic Overlook Ahead! The natural beauty of the Ozark and Mississippi Delta regions rivals anyplace in the country.

The Music. You felt your heart beating on the road? Our nightly concerts will put that thump right back in your chest!

The Townsfolk are the heart of this ride, and we're working with the fine people of Poplar Bluff, Sikeston, Cape Girardeau, Perryville, Farmington, and St. Genevieve to show you a great time in June!

Showers, Phone-Charging, Morning Coffee -- As ever, these essential amenities and more will be conveniently located in every campsite.

Food and Drink -- More to come on expanded food offerings. You're used to sampling craft beers on Big BAM, but this year's route features bourbon distilleries and wineries, too! (Careful now.)

Rental Tent Service -- Sure, you can bring your own tent, but if you'd rather let Pork Belly Ventures handle this part of your tour, rent their tent instead. They'll set it up and take it down and move your baggage to and from the tent every single day. (They'll even put friends' tents next to each other.)

PHAT Rooms -- Want to "glamp" instead of camp? The PHAT Rooms of Pork Belly Ventures take it to a whole new level with mattresses, linens, pillows, air-conditioning, switched lighting, knotty-pine interiors, laminate floors, and electrical outlets for charging your devices. In a comfy, cozy PHAT Room, you only unpack once!

Click Here for the Tent Service or PHAT Rooms of Pork Belly Ventures

Our Pre-Ride and Post-Ride Shuttles from end to start. If you park in Ste. Genevieve (the end town), our pre-ride shuttle allows you to hop right in your car after your last day's ride. For those who park in Poplar Bluff (the start town), we'll shuttle you back there at ride's end. We'll provide more on the schedules and logistics in future emails.


Call your riding buddies now, friends, and mark your calendars.

Then head on over to to claim your spot on the best-ever Big BAM!

(Remember, sign up before 11/27 and get our 2020 jersey free!)

For answers to your questions about Big BAM or about the services of Pork Belly Ventures on Big BAM, reach out to Tammy:

712-328-0161 h

808-375-8921 c

Together with Pork Belly Ventures, we'll be scouting our entire route again soon, with our riders and your needs foremost in our minds! After the holidays, we'll bring you more good news about your favorite Missouri ride.

We hope you'll start your 2020 summer with us on the Big BAM!

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