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Breaking BAM Day 4: Moberly to Arrow Rock

Hello and welcome to Breaking BAM: your guide to the ins and outs of our 2019 route. For day four, we're taking a look at Moberly to Arrow Rock.

Day 3 at-a-glance:

• 57.1 Miles

• 1,892 Feet of climb

• 4 Water stops

On day four of the ride, we'll set out from Moberly heading south through the rolling hills and farmland of Randolph county until we come to Higbee, our first water stop, at around mile 12.

At Higbee we'll turn due west on Route D before turning south again on Highway 3, at which point we'll be in Howard County. We'll come to our second water stop for the day in Armstrong, which was once a bustling railroad town.

Glasgow (image by Notley Hawkins)

We'll continue south to the junction of Route 3 and 240/5, known to locals as "The Triangle" after the service station that's located here. We'll ride along 240/5 for a while before deviating onto the less traveled outer road into Glasgow.

Glasgow will be our third water stop at mile 38. Here you'll find scenic bluffs with views of the Missouri River and some great local eateries. After our stop we'll ride across the Missouri River before turning south again. We'll hit the unincorporated community of Saline City which sits within a mile of the river and marks our final water stop of the day. From there it's a leisurely ride on into Arrow Rock.

Downtown Arrow Rock

In Arrow Rock you'll find a slice of Missouri History perfectly preserved in time. You'll have a chance to visit the local shops and restaurants before the concert in camp, just a stone's throw from the Big Muddy.

See maps of each day's ride by clicking here. Join us next time as we take a look at Day 4: Moberly to Arrow Rock. As always, you can register here!

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