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Breaking BAM Day 3: Macon to Moberly

Hello and welcome to Breaking BAM: your guide to the ins and outs of our 2019 route. For day three, we're taking a look at Macon to Moberly.

Day 3 at-a-glance:

• 50.6 Miles

• 1,966 Feet of climb

• 4 Water stops

We'll begin day three of our loop route riding west out of Macon and through the northern edge of Bevier before turning south. We'll head south through Kaseyville where we'll come very close to the western edge of the Thomas Hill Reservoir, a perfect place to stop, enjoy the view, and have a bite to eat.

Bevier, MO

From here our route swings northeast and then back south. At this point we'll have passed three of the four on-route water stops for the day.

We'll ride a few more miles south then swing southeast and ride on into Moberly until we end up at Rothwell Park, which is our campsite destination that evening.

Rothwell Park is a sprawling green city park featuring a lake not far from Moberly's downtown business district where you'll find no shortage of local eateries and taverns. Plus, as always, we'll have hot showers and a live band in camp along with a beer garden.

Thomas Hill Reservoir

See maps of each day's ride by clicking here. Join us next time as we take a look at Day 4: Moberly to Arrow Rock.

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