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Breaking BAM Day 5: Arrow Rock to Columbia

Hello and welcome to Breaking BAM, your guide to the ins and outs of our Summer 2019 Route. Today we're looking at the final leg of the ride from Arrow Rock back to where we started—Columbia.

Day 5 At-A-Glance:

• 53.8 Miles

• 1,550 Feet of Climb

• 4 Water Stops

We'll set out from historic Arrow Rock early in the morning heading south and hugging the curve of the Missouri River as we turn southeast. After crossing the Lamine River we'll reach out first water stop, set up at about the 13th mile or riding for the day.

From here we'll head east and the countryside will give way to the outskirts of Boonville. At mile 20 we'll reach downtown Boonville where you'll be greeted by a variety of local eateries, shops, and the historic Hotel Frederick where you can stop in to the Missouri Life offices say hello to the crew behind Big BAM.

The Hotel Frederick in Boonville

We'll cross the Missouri River for the second and final time on our way out of Boonville, at which point we'll begin riding on the Katy Trail. Moving off the road for a stretch of the ride is a first for Big BAM, but we felt that detouring from Highway 40, a bustling major highway, was in the best interest of our riders.

You do not need special tires to ride on the fine gravel surface of the Katy Trail, which is made from crushed limestone. It's a gentle ride that will give you a chance to see more of Missouri's natural side and does not have any steep grades or hills.

The Katy Trail near Rocheport

After riding through the river bottoms we'll reach Rocheport, a charming small town with local eateries like Meriwether Cafe right along the trail and no shortage of antique shops and regional history. After departing Rocheport you'll be treated to what many consider the most scenic stretch of riding on the Katy Trail, with towering bluffs to your left and the rolling Missouri River on your right. Those looking for refreshment can also park their bicycles along the trail and hike on up to Les Bourgeois for a glass of wine and a snack overlooking the river.

You'll hit our fourth and final water stop at the junction of the Katy Trail and the MKT Spur into Columbia. The proper route will be well marked, but you'll follow the spur which will bring you right into the heart of Columbia's downtown. You'll want to step off your bicycle, unstrap your helmet, and congratulate yourself on having finished almost 300 miles of pedaling in 5 days.

View from Les Bourgeiois's A-Frame patio above the Katy Trail

As always, you can explore the rest of the daily route maps here, and check out the other installments of Breaking BAM to get more in-depth info about the ride.

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