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What's Included With My Registration?

Here's your quick and easy guide to the amenities included in the price of registration. We're constantly working to improve the experience for Big BAM riders, and that means adding new features. We're including a few things for our 2019 road ride and for BAM on the Katy '19 that we didn't have last year, so this guide is relevant for first-timers and BAM veterans alike.

Here's what we take care of:

  • Hot coffee each morning

  • Free snacks, sports drinks, and cold water in camp and along the route

  • Setting up water stops where you'll find the water, snacks, and sports drinks

  • Marking the route

  • SAG support (picking you up if you need a ride)

  • Minor repairs along the route and in camp

  • Moving your bags from one camp to the next safely & securely

  • Providing hot showers and towels in camp

  • Live entertainment each night in camp

  • Setting up secure charging stations

  • Making sure food & beer vendors are available in camp

  • Individual swag bags for each rider including a t-shirt, town guide, free beer vouchers, wristband, and Big BAM patch & sticker (plus the bag itself)

Here's what you can purchase for an extra cost:

  • Official Big BAM jerseys, socks, caps, etc.

  • Tent services or an on-site "motel room" from Pork Belly Ventures

  • For Big BAM on the Katy, shuttle services before & after the ride are available. For our summer ride, we're riding in a loop, so no shuttle will be necessary.

Questions? Email us at Reminder: "sorta" early bird pricing for our summer ride expires March 31!

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