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Breaking BAM Day 2: Perry to Macon

Hello and welcome to Breaking BAM: your guide to the ins and outs of our 2019 route. For day two, we're taking a look at Perry to Macon.

Day 2 at-a-glance:

• 66.5 Miles

• 2,007 Feet of climb

• 5 Water stops

We'll start out of Perry early on the morning of June 11. Right off the bat we'll cross two arms of Mark Twain Lake before turning north and heading through the charming town of Paris Missouri.

(Mark Twain Lake)

After Paris we'll spend most of the day riding through the picturesque farmland and rolling hills of north-central Missouri. We'll pass our third and fourth water stops (where you'll find cold water, sports drinks, and pickle juice) before heading due north toward Clarence.

In Clarence we'll turn due west on Highway 36, which BAM riders who joined us on the 2016 ride will remember, except that year we were heading the opposite direction.

Finally, we'll reach Macon and set up camp for the evening. Macon is home to a number of local restaurants and bars including The Pear Tree, owned and operated by the same family who ran the famous steakhouse of the same name in Bevier for many years.

Check out the rest of the daily routes on RideWithGPS right here, and watch this space for our Day 3 breakdown!

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