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Breaking BAM Day 1: Columbia to Perry

Hello and welcome to Breaking BAM: your guide to the ins and outs of our 2019 route. To put first things first, we're looking at Day 1 of the ride, from Columbia to Perry.

Day 1 at-a-glance:

• 68.1 Miles

• 1,929 Feet of climb

• 5 Water stops

We'll pedal out of Columbia on June 10. Returning BAMers will tell you that the early bird gets the worm in terms of mild temperatures on a June day, so we recommend an early start.

We head out of Columbia eastbound on Richland Road before swinging north and then oscillating east and north to Mexico. We'll pass three water stops before we hit Mexico, at which you'll find cool water, energy drinks or powder, snacks, and some pickles and pickle juice.

Mexico will be our designated lunch stop for the day. Although you're free to eat wherever your heart desires, we'll have a food vendor in Mexico either on the route or close to it, with markers to guide you if needed.

After lunch we'll strap our helmets back on and cover the final ~27 miles to Perry, where you'll find our camp site at Bill Tower Park ready and waiting with hot showers, cold beer, and live music.

Check this page for breakdowns of each day of riding, and join us next time as we explore Day 2: Perry-Macon.

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